Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Technology and Learning

There's a video you should all see, that I'm posting below, that is seriously awesome.  It's entitled "A vision of students today."  It references the information overload that our culture is currently going through, and how the traditional approach to learning isn't working anymore.  It's outdated and I don't think it can at all compete with the stimulation that kids and adults alike receive on a daily basis.

If you're wondering where all of this is coming from, this is the Adult Education portion of my current studies showing its face.  I still have the chance to do some pretty creative designy things, but this half of the degree definitely makes me feel like I made the right choice about going to Grad School.

it's quite probable there will be an educational revolution as technology advances.  When? Probably pretty soon, in my opinion.  Of course, soon is always a relative term, but the way we approach education (the so called factory style model, where individuality is driven out and people are grouped together by age instead of goals and personalities) is definitely becoming outdated as the world becomes more and more wired together. Feel free to disagree of course, I'm merely relaying what I'm learning from my profs.  I just figured I'd show this off and maybe get some people thinking that previously would not have.

It's pretty interesting stuff people.

Also, if you want more videos on this topic, I'd also suggest looking up Sir Ken Robinson on TED.com or YouTube.


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