Thursday, February 17, 2011

Emoticons, where the hell did some of these things come from?

Disclaimer:  I may or may not be under the influence of alcohol as I write this.  (A friend of mine agreed that this would be more entertaining drunk, we'll see if that pans out)

Emoticons are really bloody weird.  Seriously.  I have a tendency to use one in particular, the colon P smiley, or :P.  Who actual does that in normal speech?  What does it represent?  I've used it in a "I stick my tongue out at you" function, as well as a "Look at me I'm goofy" function.  I use it so often that it seems to have like no meaning anymore to me.  It might as well be a regular colon, end parenthesis to me.  That one at least makes sense.  Other emoticons that are rather nonsensical in my head are the :$ and whatever used to make the foot in mouth one on AIM.  Who the hell came up with these?  I know it's difficult (read impossible) to convey actual expressions in text form, but why do we try?  Is it because we are trying to emulate some part of the human experience that we cannot normally show in such a format?  Another one I use far too often is the XD.  Yes it looks like a face thats laughing with the eyes squeezed shut, but again, who first noticed that?  How did they stumble into it?  It's really quite strange.  Anyway, this is starting to feel like it's running in circles, and my head hurts.  So I'm going to cut it off here for now.  I may come back to this later when my brain is less scrambled.  Not really sure.  All I know is that someone got really creative one day with smiley faces, and these bloody things caught on like wildfire.



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