Monday, February 7, 2011

Brain Needs a Jump Start

Hey all,

So I tried to write a post earlier, but I have this wicked case of writer's block for some reason.  Maybe it's the lack of photo shoots I've done lately.  Which, if that's the case, then I'm screwed, because this weather has been pure suck.  Maybe I just have too much on my mind, and I can't get it into words?  Or maybe I just have too high a standard for the things I do, even when it's as simple as a little blog post.  Ok, maybe not that last one seeing as my last post was on Halo HD... lol.

Whatever my issue is, this needs to stop.  I love being in a creative mood, I get more enjoyment out of it than pretty much any of my other hobbies.  Even shitty fan-fiction would be better than nothing! (Yes, I've done it before; no, I have never posted it anywhere; no, I won't post it here, I don't even think it exists anymore.)

Maybe I'll spend any free time I have within the next few days working on "The Dreamtredder" concept instead of watching TV or playing games...  At the very least I might head to the pool now that the new aquatics hours are up.  I wonder where my goggles are...?

If anyone has suggestions on how to beat this block, post them in the comments below!  Or maybe send me an e-mail.  Also, don't forget to follow me on Twitter! (Shameless self promotion isn't dirty, I swear, it's good for...something...)


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