Saturday, February 19, 2011

Me Talk Pretty Show

Tonight I got my first chance to see Me Talk Pretty in concert since I started listening to them in... 04? 05?  I'm not sure when.  I do know that they were one of the first bands I found through Myspace though.  Let me tell you, the whole thing was more than I could have expected.  All the bands were pretty good, even if some weren't quite my taste (oh man was there screaming when there didn't need to be).  Me Talk Pretty's set was the best of the night though, in my opinion anyway, with Wake Up! and Brokenhearted easily being my favorites.  Of course, maybe if I knew more of Taproot's stuff, I'd have been as psyched as the rest of the crowd was for them.  However, even with most of the crowd probably waiting for Taproot, Uliana and the guys definitely took over that stage and made it theirs.

Following are the best of the shots I was able to get, but unfortunately I was forced to bump my ISO to 1600, and still ended up with a lot of blurry pics.  The fact that this was really the first live show I've shot meant that I wasn't always able to get the images I thought I had.  Oh, and my battery died about half way through Me Talk Pretty's set, which means that I had far less to filter through than I should have, and I have none from Taproot.  Images from the other acts (Color Me Blind, Shattered, and Doomsday Initiative) will be coming soon.

By the way, this band is made up of some of the coolest/nicest people I've ever met.  You can tell that they really love interacting with their fans.


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